Ballarat High School

Ballarat High School was established in 1907 and was located at its current site on the Western edge of Ballarat in 1910. The school has long been known for its academic programs, and it is also extremely successful in its Music programs and sporting programs.

The innovation at BHS is a combination of whole-school change through the development of a School Learning Framework and a specific innovation around Year Nine. The Learning Framework puts the learner at the centre of the framework, and the framework itself has become the reference point for every decision made about every aspect of the school. The Year 9 ARCH program has been extremely successful in re-engaging Year Nines, in developing positive relationships with/between the Year Nine cohort and in focusing the Year Nines with their learning and in positioning them as being responsible and active in their own learning. The success of the Year Nine program has paved the way for other innovations in the school, including the development of a Year 7 and 8 program and a Learning Advisors program throughout the school.

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Jo O’Mara