Bellaire Primary School

Bellaire Primary School is a state co-educational primary school located in the suburb of Highton in Geelong The Bellaire Primary School community prides itself on being a leading school in the innovation of education. Its school motto is ‘Aim High’. Students are drawn from both Highton and surrounding areas. While the enrolment is considered large for a primary school, the school prides itself on having a ‘small school’ feel.

The school’s current enrolment is approximately 590 students with an equal number of male and female students. The number of female students has grown over the past five years. Bellaire has increased its population by 25% over the past five years with approximately half the students travelling past closer schools, crossing ‘boundaries’ to attend the school. There is a strong demand for Prep (first year of school) enrolments in the coming years.

Student engagement in learning and catering for 21st century learners was the original impetus for whole school cultural change. Personalised learning enabled through team teaching in flexible open plan environments is the focus of Bellaire’s innovative learning environment. Student personalised learning is strongly supported by teacher coaching and goal setting. The school works to engage students in learning communities with a focus on personalised learning. There are four learning communities are the Prep Learning Community (first year of school); Junior learning Community (Years 1 and 2); Middle Learning Community (Years 3 and 4); and Senior Learning Community (Years 5 and 6).

Catering for the needs of the 21st century learner and teachers through personalised learning.

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